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It’s like his pain is your pain

“Dr. Nasr is so very caring. His main concern is that your pain isn’t unbearable and that you’re not suffering, it’s like his pain is your pain. The office staff is always so helpful and kind. God bless them all. Since I have to go into the office so often, I am so thankful that it is a pleasant experience.”  – Judy Akers

I now feel I have a full life

“When I came to Dr. Nasr, I was experiencing many distressing issues. I was falling frequently and having trouble with my thought processes. Even finishing a sentence was a problem often. With hydrotherapy sessions (which I take) and a few epidural injections I was able to drastically reduce my medication, thus ending many of my problems. I now feel I have a full life and am able to do what I want and when I want. Thank You Dr. Nasr.”  – Beverly McCarthy

I am now able to walk with a walker

“He is a great doctor. Two years ago he saved my life by sending me to have emergency surgery on my back because the first surgery on my back fractured my spine and pinched my spinal cord and I was numb from the waist down. Because of him, I am now able to walk with a walker. He has always been there for me since then. When I was in rehab, he came to see me every day; I was in rehab for about eighteen months. I can’t say enough good things about him. Thanks Doc.”  – Richard Dawson

My pain has been controlled well

“Dr. Nasr and his staff are very accommodating and efficient with scheduled and working with you. I personally appreciate the balance they maintain between friendliness and professionalism which makes Dr. Nasr’s practice very comfortable for me. I am treated with respect and my pain has been controlled well with my pain pump by Dr. Nasr.”  – C. Weber

I can walk better because of his good care

“Dr. Nasr is a very good doctor and he takes good care of his patients. He treats his patient with care ever since I’ve been his patient I can do my activities better and my work. I can walk better and take care of my yard and house work activities because of his good care. Dr. Hany Nasr is a very good doctor.”  – Antonio and Anita Rangel

He has made my life much better

“I have had a real good experience with Dr. Nasr. He knows what he is doing. I have a bad heart and he is very careful with me. He has put shots in my neck at the hospital 2 times both time has went off without a hitch! He has made my life much better and I appreciate him very much!”  – James Kramer